Security screen doors and windows

Keeping your home safe from intruders doesn’t have to mean barring the windows and an ugly steel door between you and the rest of the world. Security screens look great and keep you cool with natural air flow, while making all of your entrances practically impenetrable.

When it comes to effortless and stylish home safety, nothing beats Crimsafe, making it Shadeview’s product of choice for security screens.

Benefits of security screens for your home

Cannot be cut, pried open or kicked inCrimsafe Security Screens

Door and window security screens are your best defence against opportunistic burglars looking for an easy target. Not only are security screens extremely sturdy, their presence alone deters would-be invaders from even considering breaking into your home.

Security screen mesh is much stronger than your average fly screen; it can’t be cut, ripped, frayed, pried open or kicked in, ensuring that your valuables and personal items are always secure.


Thieves aren’t the only unwanted guests that can find their way into a house. Insects and spiders are a common sight in Australian homes, especially in the summer months and can cause all kinds of problems including ruining food, spreading germs and building nests.

Even though you’re not likely to find a swarm of mosquitoes trying to smash through the door, the durability of security screen mesh makes it a superior choice to regular fly-screens for making sure no rips or tears appear for bugs to find their way inside.

SCrimsafe Fixed Window Security Screenave money through energy efficiency

Townsville summers are notorious for their blistering heat, to the point where many people retreat into expensive air conditioning all day long. Security screen doors and windows let natural breezes flow through from outside while keeping anything else from blowing or wandering in, allowing you to keep cool without worrying about the energy bill.

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Shadeview can install Crimsafe security screens on any of your home’s doors and windows to keep you both safe and comfortable.

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