Weather Proof Shutters

Shutters for Queensland’s Extreme Conditions

As Queenslanders, we’re no strangers to harsh weather conditions that pose a major threat to our homes and wellbeing. They’re a part of life we’ve grown to accept up north, but there’s no reason we can’t put up a good fight and prepare for the battle! Shadeview offers storm proof shutters, which can be installed to help protect your family, and minimise damage to your home.

We have a range of external window and door shutters that offer protection from damaging weather conditions. Our external waterproof window shutters are manufactured with quality, durable materials that are tried and tested against water, wind and flying debris. We use reliable Guardian and Vogue products to ensure your home reaps the benefits of storm shutters, while upholding its appearance. They feature secure locks or latches, which prevent them from opening in high winds.
Forget taping up your windows before a storm, it’s a thing of the past! Prepare for storm season with windows that offer protection and style for your home.

Shadeview can install shutters for doors that offer the same level of defence as our custom window shutters. We use door shutters manufactured by Guardian, who offer a quality and reliable product. Our external door shutters safeguard your home from flying debris, without the need for unattractive bars. We offer a variety of designs to suit any doorway, ensuring your home maintains a sophisticated and stylish appearance.

Take the necessary measures to ensure your home can endure a potentially destructive storm season. Fill out the contact form to get in touch with the friendly team at Shadeview. Modernise your home, and protect your family!