Weather Proof Roller Awnings

It’s an alarming truth, but as Queenslanders, we’re posed with a great threat to our homes during every storm season. Water, damaging winds and flying debris can set out on a path of destruction, and your home could be in the range of fire. Why wait in fear and anticipation of possible destruction, when you can take protective measures to ensure your home and family are safe? The team at Shadeview can install weather resistant patio and porch awnings for your home, to protect it against harmful weather conditions.

Our range of external shutters and awnings will offer protection for your home, whilst maintaining an attractive external décor. Choose from a range of designs to suit your home including external roller shutters, aluminium shutters and venetians, and guardian shutters. Each provides you with the option to close off certain areas of your home like patios, porches, and decks. This safeguards the open areas of your home from strong winds, rain and flying debris. The use of quality and reliable products to manufacture the roller awnings, means your home and the belongings inside, are protected from the harsh elements. Retractable porch awnings are a functional addition to your home that allow you to open up the space and enjoy the fresh air during times when you don’t require defence. They double as sun awnings for decks, by also guarding your home from harmful sun exposure.

We live in a part of Queensland that endures weather conditions that can overpower a regular outdoor patio canopy. Let Shadeview empower your home, whilst also adding a stylish, modern touch. To contact the team, and find out how weatherproof roller awnings can benefit your home, fill out the contact form. Make your home a stylish, safe-haven for years to come!


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