External Shutters and Awnings

Window awnings and shutters are a fantastic way to not only enhance your home’s style and comfort, but also extend the comfortable areas of your home outside into your yard or patio.

Both external window shutters and door shutters add flair to your home’s exterior décor, while adding an extra layer of security against weather, accidents and intruders. Retractable and aluminium awnings are perfect for reflecting heat away from your house and patio, even in the blistering summer months.

Shadeview have a wide variety of different screens, shutters and awnings to choose from, including but not limited to:

External Roller Shutters

External Roller Shutters


External Aluminium Shutters

External Aluminium Shutters

External Guardian Shutters

External Guardian Shutters

External Aluminium Venetians

External aluminium venetians

Benefits of external window shutters and awnings for your home

Closing in your patio area

Enjoy your privacy without having to be cooped up indoors. Exterior shutters allow you to turn an open area into a secluded sanctuary at a moment’s notice, making your patio suitable for intimate dinners, card games and more.

Protecting against adverse weather conditions

Don’t let uncooperative weather spoil your patio dinner party. Retractable awnings protect you and your guests from the sun, wind, rain and other weather conditions and can be easily packed away when not needed.

Exterior shutters and awnings are a great long-term investment, they protect your patio furniture from the elements, including fading from sun exposure, water damage or breakages from high winds and debris.

Reducing your energy costs

The fabric and aluminium awnings Shadeview supply are specially designed to protect against the intense heat and UV rays of summer in Townsville. Our shutters and awnings are adjustable to let you control the climate, reducing or even eliminating the need for air conditioning.

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Shadeview has many great brands of quality awnings and external window shutters available, including:

● Alspec
● Guardian
● Phantom
● Hunter Douglas

To get even more functionality out of your shutters and awnings, consider having our remote control options installed.

You can find out more about our different shutters and awnings by clicking on any of the links below, submitting an enquiry, or by calling (07) 4725 2527 to speak with one of our friendly staff.