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Alspec are Australian market leaders in innovative aluminium systems. Their expertise and ongoing development provides the industrial market with the latest, most efficient home improvement systems to date.

Alspec’s range of quality-tested products are perfectly suited to life in North Queensland. All products are performance tested to ensure high-quality and durability. This includes testing against terrains and weather conditions in regions across Australia. Our Townsville customers can guarantee that Alspec windows and screens are an ideal option for security, energy efficiency, privacy, and comfortable living.

Shadeview is your trusted supplier of Alspec products in North Queensland, providing Townsville homes with the highest-performing home-security essentials.

Awning and Casement Windows

Alspec offers an outstanding range of awning and casement windows for residential and commercial application.
The extensive range can be easily integrated with various framing systems using different awning adaptors and locking systems. All Alspec windows can be operated with Chainwinders or Cam Handles for a smooth open and closure.

Casement Windows

Alspec windows are ideally designed for Queensland weather and offer superior performance during the harshest conditions. Awning and casement windows are built with 34mm or 50mm sashes, which overlap internal and external seals, preventing any water or wind from entering your home.

Choose from a range of glazing options, including single or double glazing depending on the climate. If you require additional security or need to prevent insects from entering your home, screens can be easily added from the inside.

Alspec Aluminium Products

Shadeview is an authorised supplier of Alspec’s Diamond Grill and ALU-GARD security screening systems. These high-performance aluminium security screens are designed for maximum security, safety, and comfort in your home, whilst providing a simple and stylish finish to complement any décor.

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